1000 LED 1×1

Provides the light control with the LED advantages of no heat, delivers 100% flicker free illumination and can be dimmed from 100% to 5% with zero colour shift. The lightweight aluminum housing design is efficient for venting and dispersing heat with  4-way barn doors that shape and control the light and prevent it from spilling into unwanted areas. The adjustable mounting yoke allows to be mounted to any industry standard light stand and its locking up-and-down tilt control lets you precisely position and hold the light’s beam where you need it.

$50 a day or $150 per week

  • 1000 Spot LED Lights
  • Diffusion panels
  • AC Power Supply
  • 100% Flicker Free
  • 100% to 5% dimming
  • Daylight Balanced
  • 1000w equivalent output
  • Sandbags (recommended)
  • V-Mount Batteries (recommended)