3″ Middle Jaw Matthellini with Extendellini

The silver-finished Matthews Matthellini Clamp with 3″ Center Jaw Provides strong, solid gripping of round, square or rectangular tubing and many other common and irregular shapes.

The Matthews Extendellini For Matthellini Center Jaw Clamp is an ingenious accessory that allows you to extend the grip of any Matthellini center jaw clamp by up to 10″ (25.4 cm). Just remove the removable jaw from the Matthellini clamp, thread the end of the Extendellini into the end of the pin on the Matthellini, replace the jaw, and the reach of the jaw has increased by 10″. It’s also possible to add another Extendellini (not included), for a total addition to the reach of the clamp of 20″.

$7 a day or $21 per week

  • 3″ Middle Jaw Matthellini
  • 10″ Extendellini
  • An ergonomic handle design
  • Reinforced jaws
  • 3″ gripping width
  • Extends grip of clamp by 10″ with Extendellini Attached
  • 5/8″ spud
  • none