Grip & Electric Packages

Offering Edmontons largest selection of grip and electric equipment including LED panels, LED COBs, HMIs, Tubes, Dollies, Cranes, Gimbals, Sliders, Frames, if you need it we have it. We carry all the major brands including Arri, Mathews, Filmgear, KinoFlo, Aputure, Astera, PSE, Transform Grip, Avenger and more.  We can offer full production truck packages as well.

Camera Packages

We have many different camera packages available for any level of production, including the new ARRI Alexa 35, Sony FX9, RED Helium, Canon C300, GoPros and more. Pair that with many options of spherical or anamorphic lenses and then outfit your camera as you like at Edmonton Production Rentals.

Crewing Services

Coming from out of town? Don’t know local crew? Not to worry! We can help you arrange all the crew you need to make sure your production goes off without a hitch! Since we work in the Edmonton area we know all the locals, from students and recent grads right up to the veterans of our city.


Edmonton Production Rentals is ran by active members in the film community so we know the pressures on delivering high quality images with a limited budget. That’s what built our company and made us who we are!

We offer the largest camera, grip, electrics and locations selection in the city! All at a great price, this means one stop, one rental and one invoice. Simple. We can add crew into this package as well and really create a one stop solution. This keeps things easy and simple to organize.

It’s rare shoots start at 10am and finish by 4pm and we know this, so we operate whenever you need us to! Need to pick up gear for your shoot the night before, no problem! First thing in the morning before an early call, we can get up and make it happen with you! We are here when you need us, even if it’s a phone call in the middle of your shoot because your missing an item, we’ll figure out a way to get you what you need! This comes from years of working in the industry and knowing the importance of every little thing and we want to make your shoot run smooth. We’re here for you.

  • Local

    We started here in Edmonton and have a passion to help and grow the industry here.

  • Support

    We are filmmakers and understand the pressures of this industry, so we are here to support you from start to finish. We get the tight deadlines, unusual schedules and last minute requests and are always here to accommodate.

  • Value

    We strive to offer our services with value in mind, we want you to get the most out of every budget dollar and don’t want you to waste money on things you don’t need.

Meet Our Team

What others say about us

We have used Edmonton Production Rentals for a number of feature films in Edmonton and its always a great experience. Every time we talk there is always something new in the shop that makes things a little better or a little easier for the crew. It’s always pleasure working with these guys. Dave is the best part!

Loved working with Edmonton Production Rentals for our camera package on a commercial in town. They helped get us the lenses we wanted and had the latest Alexa 35 camera available for us. Was amazing to get to use the newest camera and love they have them in Edmonton and we didn’t have fly anything in.

Coming from out of town it was great to be able to get everything I needed in one place. They also helped me find local crew and when our bags didn’t arrive they got us the gear we needed last second! Sent out their package ambulance, which was fitting, our crew loved it and it was exactly what we needed!

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