Mole 200 Tweenies

Lighting • Tungsten

Item available for renting only.

Looking for a small, compact, tungsten fresnel light? Checkout the Mole Richardson 3101 InBetweenie Fresnel. Utilizing either a 100w or 200w bulb, it's an easy light to tuck in tight spaces or arm in as a hair light. Similar in size to the LTM Pepper 100 and built with Mole-Richardson quality. Get the added beam control of a fresnel lens for creative lighting design. The 100 or 200 watt Molequartz InBetweenie Solarspot features circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation. Less heat on the fixture and lower seal temperature of the globes for longer life. Focusing knobs on the front and rear for focusing from spot-to-flood for a smoother even field.Curved yoke allows for a steeper lighting angle. The top clip is standard on all InBetweenies, allowing for barn doors, frames and scrims to be held more securely.

Lamp Head (Scrim Pack) Barn Doors (Spare Bulb)


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